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Few dressage horse buyers have countless hours and unlimited funds for their horse search.

For the vast majority of people buying dressage horses, finding the right horse is taken on by the buyer or at most a few people who have a dozen other tasks on their plate. And yet, finding the right horse in a time and cost effective way is as important as ever, because while a lengthly search is expensive for any buyer, it can exhaust the budget.

So how do you do it? How do you effectively find your dressage horse match, with minimal support and a limited budget?

We know it's possible, even if we have spent weeks, months, or years looking for our very own Dream Horse. We all know people who are perfectly matched with great horses, they love.


Why, is it difficult for some to locate and buy a Dream Horse?

JohnnyDFor starters, it's helpful to remember that requirements often change over time and are highly individualized. A horse in my youth was a Dream Horse at the time but he would not suit me now. As a twenty-something, broke, working student aspiring to turn my passion into a living, any ride that I lived through and learned from was a good ride. Now that I hold all three USDF medals and am approaching midlife my needs are not the same.

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