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Accessing your profile

My profileTo set up your account do the following.

1. The first screen you may see will have settings for time zone, language, etc.  make any edits and save.

2. You will see a message showing save successful. Next look to the main menu to the right and see the link "My Profile" and click it. It will open your full profile form.

3. Look to the right again and there will be a menu box titled "Edit Settings" Click the "update profile" link to enter editing mode

4. This is where you will complete and can later update the profile.






Updating your Profile

 My profile1

Section 1 - Note, hovering a mouse or tapping a field name brings up field specific help and notes!

Price Range:

Seller's select one range category for the selling price range for your horse.

Buyer's you may select mulitple ranges from highest to lowest.

Note: about this Field - This is used as a primary starting search field and is critical to finding and being found by the right match. We understand that some may feel that this puts them at a negotiating disadvantage. This is simply not the case as everyone is listing ranges. There is a field to list the actual price of the horse or you could put in actual buying budget that remains hidden until both parties are friend

Status: Click the drop down Select the most appropriate response

Phone Number:

Birthdate:  This field generates the age of the horses, Buyers: age is not critical but you might get a birthday card :-)

Referred by: We like to know who is referring you to the site so that we can thank them!


My profile2Sellers: make the appropriate selections and fill in all the fields as appropriate. You can come back and change or add as needed

Buyers: Take minute to think through your hard requirements/preferences as you make your selections. Each selection narrows the field of possibilities. For example  SEX: Click only those you will consider or leave the selection blank for all. The same is true of other fields, size, color levels of training, levels shown and so on.
Hands: This is a multi-select Range field (Hold your mouse key and drag to select more than one) Tablets tap multiple sizes in the range.

 Do you want to find your match in 90 days or less???? Great article to help you here















My profile3Fill in all the information that you want others to know about your horse 1st person. Hover mouse or tap "About Me" field name for ideas on how to write a fun and useful bio but   do not reveal identifiable information such as name location etc. This field is public!

Buyers: describe in more detail your needs, goals, objectives, what you have to offer your new love, limitations, deal killers, more information is better. Remember as you gain experiences your can edit just about anything and it is a great idea for everyone to keep the profile current.

Sellers: Write from the first person point of view of your horse if you can. it is more fun to read helps the personality of the horse come through when seeking a match.

This section is where the magic begins and well written, accurate, bios get more messages and friend requests that will help you make a match or decide this one isn't for you.









Applies only to buyers. Select the age range you will consider and how long your search has been active.



Save the profile!!!! Now click on the "my profile" link again to review and see your new profile!

Follow that with up loading some photos of your horse and video in the Gallery Tab and you are done!

If you find you are running into issue, I really hope not!

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also email your feedback on how you find the process so far!

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