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Dressage Horse Match uses an internal mail system because of our respect for the privacy of members seeking their match and individuals representing available equine partners.

Anytime a message is sent, an email is sent to the member's registered email address to let them know they have mail. That email contains a link to make it convenient to log in and reply. Since all sent and received messages are in your in/out box organized by member name and date, you have a complete record of your correspondence in one location tagged to the other members.  You will also see in various places where there is a little check box to "report" things.

The REPORT function and what it does. 

If you are getting inappropriate messages you have an option to ignore a user. You also have an option to file a report with the site administrator. Clicking the report button will open a form that you fill out and then submit. An administrator will look into it and get back to you.

Common uses may be: You send messages and are getting no response. It could be the other member is not getting mail do to a problem with their personal email or some other reason. We expect members to be respectful of others time and responsive when contacted by other members.

Another may be that you are aware of inaccurate information in the profile of a member. Perhaps a buyer found a match and the profile indicates they are actively looking.

We hope that we will not get many reports but if something is amiss every member benefits with accurate information and reasonable response times (2days or so)



The friendship request is very important to all members. When you completed your membership profile, you provided email addresses, trainer information, phone numbers and other NON public information. The friendship request and acceptance results in all that information being shared. You will probably have multiple friends durring the search and either party can break the friendship at any time.

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